Research Areas

  • Risk Management in Financial Institutions
  • Risk Transfer with Structured Products
  • Digital Finance
  • Regulating Financial Markets

Exemplary Research Questions of Current Research Projects

Lessons Learned from the Financial Crisis

Did Investors rely too much on ratings of Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) before the financial crises? Has this behavior changed subsequently? Do Investors consider present disincentives due to asymmetric information between investor and originator in Pricing Securitizations? How should the regulation of credit rating agencies and structured products be designed to contribute to a stable financial system and an efficient allocation of risk?

Credit Risk

Which determinants influence the use of credit lines by privat customers? How are private informations are generated by banks? How can financial intermediaries achieve information synergies between different sources of private information to manage credit risk and customer relationships? What are the consequences for the architecture of the financial system?

Natural Catastrophes and Insurance Companies

To what extent do natural disasters lead to a surge in demand of construction services and therefore to higher insured losses? Which economic factors increase or reduce this price increase? How do the risk premiums of catastrophe bonds (CAT bonds) react to distortions on the capital market? How can an efficient risk allocation on insurance and financial markets be achieved by using alternative risk transfer instruments?